my drawing and printmaking work focusses on transforming internal, external and the ‚in between‘ of interpersonal sensations. 


my visual research is linking artistic practice within a scientific contextual framework. referring to phenomenological concepts of corporeality i am questioning our notion of the body. experimental methods, like continuous line drawing, are creating alternative approaches to investigate our reversible bodily perception. via these performative strategies I am aiming at transforming the experienced correlations in between physical, emotional and sensory perception of the self and the other.


as a lecturer and research assistant for 'Art and Scenography' I am particularly interested in the interdisciplinary practice of visual, spatial and experiential mediation of meaning. scenography allows us to get into a process of exchange bypassing verbal languages via multisensory immersion. i am exploring how this scenographic exchange can compose an interface between space, subject and object.


since 2019        Lecturer and Research Assistant, ‚Art & Scenography'

                          Institute for Language, Literature and Media, Europa-Universität Flensburg

since 2019        Member of KUNST&CO
                          NGO - Art Association for Contemporary Art

since 2019        Lecturer, 'Körperstudien/Figure Drawing'

                          Institute for Aesthetic-Cultural Education, EUF

2019                  Networking „Studio 15|25“, Museumsberg Flensburg

2016-2019         M.Ed.: Arts and Visual Media, English, EUF, Germany

                          MA Thesis: 'VISUM - Ästhetische Erfahrungen zwischen Selbstempfinden und Selbstwahrnehmung'

2017-2018         Graphic Art, Accademia Belle Arti Macerata, Italy

2013-2016         BA: Arts and Visual Media, Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF), Germany

                          BA Thesis: 'Zwischen Erinnern, Verlieren und Vergessen. Grafische Transformationen

                          ephemerer Traumwahrnehmungen im halbwachen Bewusstsein'

2015-2016         Printmaking and Contemporary Practice, Limerick School of Art and Design, Ireland

2012-2013         School of Arts, Freie Kunstschule Kiel, Germany


2020                Trapasso. 12. Juni - 30. Juli, MODUL 1, Flensburg

                        f.k.k. Group Exhibition, Museumsberg, Heinrich-Sauermann-Haus, Flensburg

                        Körperspannungen. Local Artist in Residence, NORDER147, Flensburg

2019                VISUM. eva und fried, Kunsthaus Heider, Galmsbüll

2018                Aurora. Köhne, Flensburg
                        Premio G.B.Salvi 2018. Rassegna Internazionale D’Arte. Sassoferrato, Italy

                        Permeare. Aula di Disegno, Accademia di Belle Arti, Macerata, Italy

                        Percezione Interrotta. Museum Magazzini Uto, Macerata, Italy

2017                Grenzgrafik. Druckgrafik mit Straßenwalze, MODUL 1, Flensburg, Sonderbørg, Denmark

2016                  Zwischen Erinnern, Verlieren und Vergessen. MODUL 1, Flensburg

                          Final Students' Projects. Kunst&CO, Flensburg

2015                Paperless. Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick, Ireland

2013                Das Künstlerische Jahr 2013. Galerie Ductus, Kiel

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